Aware of the important role that the electric and electronic sectors bring to the development inside the country, FENELEC companies feel it necessary to be competitive to take part in the achievement of all projects in the country and enhance all possibilities of international exchange.

To meet this purpose, it is vital that ethic and excellence requirements govern at the same time the life of the company as well as its relations with its environment.
This chart adheres completely to the concept of the "Citizen Company" which fights against all forms of abuse of power and competition diverting.

FENELEC Members are thus summoned to respect business ethics, a good conduct code which banishes corruption and all drifts, and offering its customers a good quality service in accordance with the code of practice;



FENELEC companies in pursuing their activity of prescribing, manufacturing, executing tasks, and product selling, commit them selves to:
  • Respect customers
  • Fight against all forms of corruption and fraud
  • Respect the rights of their employees as well as jurisdiction, fiscal and social; which mean:   
  • To honestly produce balance-sheet, indirect & direct tax declaration and pay the result to the state   
  • To record all workforce to national Social Security Authorities, to pay contributions according to legal or contractual tariffs, and pay all family benefits,   
  • To insure workforce in workplace   
  • To guarantee a good development of companies and their environment based upon honest competition


FENELEC Companies commit to:
  • Respect quality
  • Contribute to the safety goods and people
  • Show a moral and Professional awareness
  • Use, manufacture, fit, and sell only good quality products in accordance with standards in force, and abstain from using counterfeits
  • Respecting their duty to inform customers

More generally, FENELEC Companies commit to always work to make these values and principles triumph.